One Photo A Day | Day 256 | Purple Petals After Rain

One photo a day challenge: Day 256.

As is often the case, I had no particular plan for my daily photography practice.

As evening set in a rain storm also settled in.

I have mentioned countless times that one of the best things about rain is photographing flowers after the rains.

I looked outside. Then I felt outside. Is it still raining. No. No it is not.

I gathered my gear. Nikon camera body. Nikon 60mm macro lens. Three separate Lume Cube lights.

I stepped onto our back deck. Looking around for the right setting.

I looked to see what flowers had the nicest blossoms.

Which of those blossoms had the moist interesting configuration of water droplets on the petals.

Started framing compositions.

Altered my camera position to photograph multiple angles and perspectives.

Varied the angle of the lighting to change the reflections of the water droplets.

The hardest part is deciding what photo to share.

Purple flower and water droplets.

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