One Photo A Day | Day 181 | Hazy Sunset

One photo a day challenge: Day 181.

I was laying back reading a book. Then I looked up and noticed the light outside.

I looked at my watch and it was about time for sunset. I craned my neck to get a better look. There might just be a photo worthy sunset outside.

Sometimes nature just puts opportunities right in front of you without you having to do anything. I hadn’t really settled on an idea for my daily photographs today. This was the perfect opportunity.

This wasn’t one of those brilliant colorful sunsets. The sunset tonight was more like a subtle haze of color.

The color was only just cresting over the tree tops. There wasn’t much color in the rest of the sky. This made composing a photo a challenge.

I processed the image to bring out the color a little more and show more detail.

A nice burst of color emanating from above the tree line.

Summer. Sunset. New York

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