One Photo A Day | Day 254 | Eagle Cliff Falls

One photo a day challenge: Day 254.

It is funny to feel like, a sense of relief at finally photographing a place because it is so close by but you have essentially never been there. Fully knowing that there is a great photographic feature there and just not making time to go there is strange.

I have actually photographed this location before, but for some reason it has been literally over a decade since I have been back. That is a little nuts considering how close by it is and how easy it is to access. I last photographed this location in 2005.

Havana Glen. I see your signs all the time. Always on the way to some other place.

Always thinking I need to stop there. Never making the time.

Some other destination always has my eye.

Inspired by a book.

Finally time to comit.

Pack the bag.

Mount the lens.

Set up the tripod.

Trip the shutter.


Eagle Cliff Falls at last.

Havana Glen: Eagle Cliff Falls

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