One Photo A Day | Day 205 | Run For The Hills

One photo a day challenge: Day 205.

Today was a fun day with lots of time spent out on the trails.

First I photographed the Run For The Hills 5k and 10k at Tanglewood Nature Center. Then I went for a 10 mile trail run of my own on the trails at Tanglewood.

I love being out on the trails creating photography. It is so much fun to see all the participants out on the trails enjoying the day.

I started off up on the hillside. Standing out in the open. And in the bright sunlight.

I wanted to capture some images of runners out on the beginning of the course. I stayed in this location until about 30 minutes into the race. That would give some of the runners to get further out on the course.

Then I moved down into the valley. Standing in the woods. In the deep shadows.

I picked a spot where the 5k and the 10k races intersected. That would allow me to capture runners in both events.

It was also a section of the course where the 10k runners would go by in one direction then circle back and approach me from another direction.

This was a fun location for photographing this event. It really kept me on my toes. Traffic from two races. Traffic approaching from two different directions.

All the runners looked like they had such a good time.

Run For The Hills

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