One Photo A Day | Day 203 | Pollinators Galore

One photo a day challenge: Day 203.

Recently I have been thinking that it seems like I haven’t seen many pollinators around our flowers at our house. It feels like normally this time of year they are everywhere.

We plant quite a few flowers. Both perennials and annuals. We also have a large section of our yard that is left wild and is full of wildflowers.

Normally there is a constant buzz of bees. There is flashes of color from the variety of butterflies making there way through our yard.

It seems this year there has been nary a stray pixel of color floating through our yard nor a single note of that musical buzz from the bees.

I know there are problems with our pollinators right now and I was worried I was seeing first hand evidence of it.

Then I went to one of my favorite places, Tanglewood Nature Center. There I discovered fields of flowers. Flowers a buzz with the sounds of pollinators. The field full of colors floating thought he sky thanks to all the butterflies.

Tanglewood has beautiful wild fields of flowers. No wonder all the pollinators could be found here. This beautiful nature center is literally right across the river valley from me. Maybe when all the pollinators have enjoyed all that Tanglewood has to offer they will come visits our house.

Yellow butterfly on purple flower.

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