One Photo A Day | Day 202 | Spider In Flower

One photo a day challenge: Day 202.

Tonight I went outside tonight to photograph some flowers in the low light.

I had an idea of what flowers I wanted to photograph. There were a few I hadn’t photographed at night much if at all. The goal was to focus on those ones.

Other than that I wasn’t really sure how I was going to proceed. Look through the lens and let the view guide me to the photograph.

When photographing this flower there was one aspect I was drawn to. The way the petals seemed to be developing so haphazardly. Some petals longer than others by significant amounts.

The angles and the different look of the petals. Trying to highlight the different. That was my focus.

I didn’t even notice the tiny spider until uploading my images and looking at them on my monitor.

I love how that tiny spider looks like it is just peaking out to see what is going on. Like the spider is trying to stay hidden under the petals, but just had to check things out.

Flower and Spider

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