One Photo A Day | Day 173 | Tiny Mushrooms On A Tree

One photo a day challenge: Day 173.

I enjoy walking through the wood with no real intent for my photography. Walking slowly among the trees. Slowly looking and seeing.

I tread lightly. Stroll slow and easy. Eyes open. Trying to see.

Trying to attune my senses to the forest. I want to become aware of the smallest things. The tiny details.

Opening myself up to observe as much as I can. Trying to see without looking too hard.

Stretching out. Relaxing into the moment.

It is easy to miss all that nature has to offer when trying too hard to see it.

These tiny little mushrooms were growing out of the side of a tree trunk. The tree had fallen and snagged in another tree. That allowed the tree to be right at eye level.

I created this image with my 60mm macro lens so I could get right up close. The f/3.2 aperture allowed me to have a shallow depth of field and isolate my subject.

Tree Mushrooms: New York

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