One Photo A Day | Day 174 | Post Vacation Sunset At Home

One photo a day challenge: Day 174.

Kind of a busy day today. But I still got my photo in.

I actually couldn’t have planned it better if I had tried.

Commute to work. Work at the office. Commute home. Change clothes. Go for a run. Get Groceries. Get home. Feed Dogs. Put away groceries. Eat some dinner.

Somewhere in there take a photo?

It actually worked out perfect. It was right around sunset when we arrived home from getting groceries. So as I was putting the groceries away I kept my eye on the sky from the windows.

It looked like a good possibility of a nice sunset. I took a break from putting away groceries to capture this image.

Sometimes all it takes is a moment. Find that moment. Use it. Create. Enjoy. Take the photo.

Sunset: New York.

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