One Photo A Day | Day 99 | Spencer Crest

One photo a day challenge: Day 99.

Today I was able to visit a place I really enjoy. And the funny part is I have been here plenty and its always a good time. But somehow I am not sure I have ever come here specifically for photography.

Spencer Crest

Today I spent time on the trails at Spencer Crest Nature Center. I just meandered around and absorbed the nature.

My initial thought was to check out the pond and see if there were any unusual water fowl to photograph. No luck there. It was too overcast and not bright enough in the woods for good opportunities to photograph birds in the woods.

However, what a cloudy overcast sky is good for is photographing woodland landscapes. Especially when it is mid day. The cloud cover disperses the light and creates much softer light instead of harsh shadows.

I have really been drawn to photographing tree trunks lately. I love the patterns and textures. It is especially interesting when the tree is combined with other forms of nature. The possibilities for photography are endless.

I really like the look with a shallow depth of field. Today I used my Nikon 50mm at f1.8. Crisp and sharp on the subject and completely out of focus on the background.


An added bonus for today was time getting used to my new gear set up from Peak Design. Today I made use of the Everyday Backpack, the Clutch, and the Capture Clip today.

I actually enjoyed using the Clutch much more than I thought I would to carry my Nikon D300S with battery grip using the 50mm lens. It was perfect for meandering through the woods but still having the camera ready for photos whenever I wanted. Then I could just clip in to Capture for more rugged hiking conditions.

I am looking forward to getting back to Spencer Crest later this year.

Spencer Crest Nature Center

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