One Photo A Day | Day 100 | Mallard and Tree Trunk

One photo a day challenge: Day 100.

I spent this morning at one of our local parks hoping to photograph migratory birds that tend to show up around this time of year each year.

Unfortunately, the migratory birds did not make an appearance today. Hopefully I will see them soon.

So, no migratory bird photos or observations. But a day outside enjoying some fresh air, nature, and watching some birds is still a good way to spend some time.

Since there were none of the specific birds I was hoping to photograph I tried to be more selective with what photos I took. I wanted to try to take photos that were a little different. And I think I took fewer photos that I have on a photo outing maybe ever.

But what that allowed me to do was just look around and observe and be patient. Then I saw something that caught my eye and just seemed a little different.

A typical photo of a duck features a duck on the water or maybe sitting on the shore. But I saw this mallard standing like he was posing for me in front of this half dead tree and I thought there’s something you don’t see every day. I liked the idea of a mallard standing in front of a tree so that the whole background was a tree trunk.

I don’t know if this is the best photo I could have made, but I do think it is a little bit different and a little bit interesting. What do you think?


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