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Double-Crested Cormorants are large waterfowl.

The Double-Crested Cormorant is more like a loon or a merganser than a duck.

When Double-Crested Cormorants are swimming on the water they have an odd look to them. They often seem to have more of their bodies under water or just at surface level.

If you see a Double-Crested Cormorant swimming on the water it often looks more like a submarine periscope sticking up out of the water. The cormorants neck and head being most of what is visible above the surface.

The Double-Crested Cormorant will dive under water to catch fish. Often swimming a good distance and re-emerging in a very different location from where they began.

Double-Crested Cormorants are often seen in groups. They are together in the water, in flight, and on land. However, when they are on land it is often perched in a tree.

It is cool to see a group of Double-Crested Cormorants perched amongst the trees. It is not something you see with a lot of other birds. Especially not birds of this size.

It seems unusual and awkward to see a group of Double-Crested Cormorants perched in a tree.

Photo details: Nikon D500. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/5000 sec. f/5.6.

Double-Crested Cormorants

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