Finding Food | Duck With Snail | New York

Ducks are just cool and interesting in general though often underrated.

Observing animal behavior can be so interesting. It is especially captivating when you see an animal do something you’ve never seen them do before.

A few years ago while camping in the Adirondack Mountain region of New York I was photographing a group of ducks at the campground.

At first it seemed they were just doing their normal duck things. But, then I noticed something I had never seen before.

The ducks were eating some kind of large objects.

I don’t think I realized what they were at the time. But when I got home and could see the photographs on my computer screen I could tell more accurately.

The ducks were eating snails. Not just any snails. Not tiny snails you might see in your yard, but large snails that filled their beaks.

I am really curious about this behavior in these ducks. It seems unadvisable for the ducks to be eating something so large. They were swallowing the snails whole shell and all.

It seemed like you could see the snails bulging in their neck after the snails were swallowed.

Duck with Snail

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