One Photo A Day | Day 152 | How To Protect A Nest

One photo a day challenge: Day 152.

Today I was trying to get things done around the house that I hadn’t been able to due to the weather. That meant mowing the lawn.

The grass had gotten pretty high and wild looking after all the rain we have had put the kibosh on getting caught up on the mowing shores.

I slowly tried to chew threw the grass with the push mower. Because the grass was so tall and dense I had to have the lawn mower set to its tallest setting.

Having the lawn mower set to leave the grass as high as it could turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After I mowed one section of our yard near the back I noticed I had uncovered something. There was something buried deep in the tall grass. Now that the grass was trimmed I could see it.

There was a tiny little birds nest tucked down in the grass. The nest had four teeny tiny eggs about the size of my thumbnail.

What to do with a nest?

I was not sure what to do with this new development. It was amazing to me that the nest was constructed and eggs were laid successfully. This part of our yard is inhabited by our dogs. But apparently the birds had managed to navigate that danger successfully.

I recached out to people on social media to see what the best course of action was to try to ensure the survival of the nest.

I was able to create a dual layer fenced perimeter for the nest. This created a double layer of protection for the miniature habitat of the nest.

The inner layer is a 1 foot by 6 inch oval created by thin wire garden fencing. Then around that is a wider perimeter that is at least 4 feet across. This is formed by another set of wire fencing where the wire is more open.

When I went out to set up the wire fencing I took a minute to capture a few images of the nest and eggs. Hopefully I did a good job and I will have future update on this nest.

The nest appears to be a sparrow nest. Once I realized what had happened I noticed a sparrow staying nearby and chirping at me. Then it seemed to move in on the nest when I left the area.

Bird nest in the yard

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