One Photo A Day | Day 151 | Flight Of The Martins

One photo a day challenge: Day 151.

Today was another fun day of birding at Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge.

There are so many great reasons to visit Montezuma. There are many great birding sights that await you when you arrive. However, often there is no way to know what you will actually see.

But, showing up this time of year often ensures you will at least see the Purple Martins. There is a Purple Martin house right near the visitor center. The Purple Martins are busy nesting right now.

I was able to stand and watch the Purple Martins come and go from the bird house. Zipping and zooming. Flying all over.

The Martins are frequently in motion. It is quite entertaining if you like to watch and observe wildlife behavior.

The Martins also make the some of the most interesting bird song as well.

I really like this image of two Purple Martins in flight. it doesn’t have the best lighting, but I like the silhouette effect with just a touch of detail. Combine that with the fully spread wings of one Martin and I think the photo turned out pretty nice.

Purple Martins in Flight.

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