One Photo A Day | Day 84 | Hilltop Views

One photo a day challenge: Day 84.

Todays daily photo is brought to you by having running friends.

I didn’t know if I would run today or not. I thought I probably would, but I had a Zoom meeting right when I got home from work. So if I ran I would be more inclined to just run something short right from home. I would not have thought to take my camera.

Instead, my friend asked if I wanted to run some hills with her after work. I wouldn’t be able to be there until 6pm at the earliest. That worked perfect for both our schedules.

Now I knew I would be running on some hills with some nice views. I also knew that I would be out running near sunset. There would be a decent chance I could capture some nice photos while I was out. Now I was inspired to take my camera.

As it turned out the sky was cloudy, gloomy, and overcast. There were no brilliant sunsets to be had. But I still had my camera.

I had my camera and I was feeling inspired to take some photos even if the views of the sky were not particularly inspiring. When we arrived at the top of the hill we were running I was able to capture this image which I think turned out ok with just a little post processing to punch it up a little.

The view from Harris Hill.

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