One Photo A Day | Day 83 | Less Haired Cat

One photo a day challenge: Day 83.

Our cat Paisley has a tendency to have issues with her fur. She has long, thin, slender, delicate seeming fur and it always seems to cause her problems. Periodically she needs to have a trip to the veterinarians for a little trim.

Paisley is generally a friendly cat. However, post hair cut she seems to be sulking a little. She is being extra needy.

Paisley is normally a pretty active cat. Always on the move. Climbing up to all the high places for a better vantage point. Showing up where ever you are trying to do something to see if there is anything she can get into.

Today she has just been laying around. Spending most of the day sitting next to but not on my wife or myself. The laying around next to someone is the odd part. If she sits with you she usually wants to be on you.

I am sure she will be back to her old self as usual in no time.

Paisley post vet visit.

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