One Photo A Day | Day 60 | Bright Sky Tree Trunk

One photo a day challenge: Day 60.

Over the weekend the weather was so nice for the winter. Today the longer the day went on the worse the weather got.

The wind was whipping. I drove through several bands of snow on my commute. The temperatures were starting to drop.

The forecast was for temps in the teens over night.

I decided to stop at the park on my way home to take some photos before it got too cold to enjoy being outside.

The wind made it feel much colder than what the temperatures indicated. Thankfully the sun was peeking through the clouds from time to time. I was able to capture moments of the sunlight hitting the trees.

In the distance I found this birch tree I really liked. I trudged through the snow over too it. Just as I was close enough to start framing it in a photograph the sun broke through the clouds. The sky became more blue than it had been.

I was bale to capture this image of the birch tree trunk with the bright blue sky, brightly illuminated clouds, and the forest in the background. Pairing that with the darker image of the tree trunk in the foreground. Tree trunk in focus everything else out of focus.

Harris Hill Park. New York.

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