One Photo A Day | Day 13 | Ice And Stone

One photo a day challenge: Day 13.

Today I set out to focus my daily photo challenge photos on a specific idea. I wanted to capture some interesting photographs showcasing the ice on the rocky ledges I see every day.

In recent years it seems like Upstate New York hasn’t had many time frames where there has been snowfall that has persisted for long periods of time. Our winters just haven’t seemed too wintery. There haven’t been a lot of days where as a photographer I could actually go out and capture classic winter scenes featuring snow and ice.

I don’t mind the cold but winter is much more enjoyable when there is beautiful winter scenery featuring snow and ice. The ice and snow can help create more interesting photographs of more mundane scenes.

Rock Edge and Ice.

I’ve been walking by these rocky ledges for a long time. I see the ice and the snow. Melting and refreezing as the weather fluctuates throughout the day.

I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to photograph a confluence of conditions that may or may not last.

Rocks and stone are often subjects I like photographing and are interesting subjects for me. The added layer of snow and ice is another factor to try to capture something different.

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