One Photo A Day | Day 12 | Tree Trunk Moss

One photo a day challenge: Day 12.

For the first time in a while I acquired a new camera and new lenses. They are very different from the cameras I am used to using. So what I am going to do is tie learning how to use the new tools to this photography challenge.

What better way to learn to use a new tool than to create brand new art with it every day.

I wanted these tools for some very specific reasons so I am going to start practicing using them to create the types of photography I envisioned when I decided they were the tools I needed.

Tree Trunk In The Woods.

One goal for this new equipment is for use on my runs and hikes, especially those in the woods. I want to be able to capture high quality images when I am out exploring on foot.

In order to create good art I need to be familiar with my tools. So, today I took the new camera into a woodland area I was familiar with. I walked around a little bit and tried to identify interesting photographs I could create.

I hope I succeeded.

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