One Photo A Day | Day 14 | Tree Trunk Look Up

One photo a day challenge: Day 14.

One of the goals of this photography challenge has been to allow myself opportunities to be more creative in my photography. Creating a new photograph every single day gives me more opportunities to stretch and try new things.

When I am not creating new photography as frequently I feel pressure to “get it right”. I don’t feel free to take chances. I don’t challenge myself as much. I’m afraid to miss out on opportunities.

At the beginning of this challenge I thought being more creative meant photographing subjects that I don’t normally photograph. But I don’t photograph those things because they are not what interest me. They are not part of my art.

What I am discovering is that being creative means finding new and challenging ways to photograph the things I always photograph.

Tree trunk close up looking up to branches.

There will be a lot of trial and error. I will try new and different things. Use new and different tools, even. There will be some success, but probably more failure.

I am pushing myself to do new things with the subjects that I have always loved.

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