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When working with shelter dogs in any capacity it is very likely you will experience the full range of human emotions during your involvement with them no matter what capacity it is in; volunteer, staff, director, adopter. When you are involved with shelter animals you often see the best and worst that humans have to offer. You may see dogs and cats that have been abused or neglected and are in very… Read More

We had a bit of a thaw here in upstate NY. So, Brynn thought it would be a good time to play in the pond. The ice had receded from around the edges. It was nice and muddy and wet. Just what Brynn loves, a nice muddy wet place to play.

Sometimes I think that “taking photographs” of the dogs is just an excuse to “go play with dogs”. Photographing the dogs can be hard work but at the same time is fun and rewarding. I do try to play with the dogs and interact with them as much as possible because it is part of my mission as a photographer to show the dogs in as natural and comfortable pose as possible…. Read More

This is what it looks like when a shelter dog who never had a proper doggy life prior to his rescue discovers for the first time that he loves water.

We recently took a trip up to the Adirondacks and 1000 Island Regions of New York. I just wanted to take a moment to share a few photos from that trip. I will likely have a longer post with more photos to share soon. Enjoy these photos until then.

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