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My 2018 year in art was interesting. Mostly interesting because of what didn’t happen rather than what did happen. I started off the year with an opportunity to volunteer at a local organization and lead a photography group during an even for them, but I managed to bungle the paperwork process and didn’t get everything submitted in time to be able to be a volunteer at that event. I did eventually get… Read More

So I am going to try a little bit of an experiment. Below is a very short very rough draft of an excerpt from a very long term project I have been working on. I am in the process of writing a book about my life with dogs. I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to make comments, critiques, or suggestions. I am also including a few photos of the subjects of the book. My dogs love… Read More

http://images-community.shutterfly.com/flashapps/flashslideshowphotobook/slideshow_pb.swf Click here to view this photo book larger