Book Excerpt

So I am going to try a little bit of an experiment. Below is a very short very rough draft of an excerpt from a very long term project I have been working on. I am in the process of writing a book about my life with dogs. I hope you enjoy.  Feel free to make comments, critiques, or suggestions. I am also including a few photos of the subjects of the book.

My dogs love me so much they even help me in my career work.  They inspire me to write.  They inspire me to get outside and experience things.  They even sit nicely for me so I can photograph them.  Well maybe that last one is a bit of an exaggeration.  What they do is run around the yard like crazy people.  They do whatever suites them for the most part totally ignoring me.  That is they ignore me until I see them sitting still in a nice pose with nice light.  I have to be very cautious.  It’s almost like trying not to scare a wild animal.  I can’t let the dog know that I am paying attention to them.  I can usually get some nice shots if they don’t notice me too much.  Sometimes I really want to get a specific shot.  If this shot requires me to kneel or squat down in front of my subject, one of my dogs, then I have to be fast.  Kneeling or squatting is interpreted by my dogs as me saying, “Here I am.  Come and get me.” And they come running right at me ruining my shot I had just lined up.  Ironically enough, if I actually say come and get me the dogs just ignore me and stay sitting, laying, or generally ignore me. 

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