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One of my favorite activities is running. Running brings me a lot of joy and satisfaction. One of the ways I keep the good time rolling with my running is by finding new things in running to do.

This year I have been jumping into a lot of the things the Finger Lakes Running Club has going on. One of the cool new things happening at the Finger Lakes Running Club is the FLRC Challenge. This is the second year that the Finger Lakes Running Club has held the FLRC Challenge. Last year I was really tempted to do it, but never jumped on it. Many of the challenge courses featured were courses that the FLRC normally holds races for but could not hold in person races for because of the pandemic.

FLRC Challenge

This year the FLRC Challenge looked like something even more interesting. With in person racing back for the most part the challenge courses didn’t feature the regular race courses the FLRC showcases. This year the FLRC Challenge features a lot of paths and trails around the area where people just may like to run. And many of these places are places I have never run or maybe have never even been to before.

The inclusion of so many new places for me to go running really got me excited to do something new. I signed up for this challenge, looking forward to discovering new places to run. And maybe I would find some favorites to return to over and over.

FLRC Challenge Taughannock Run

The FLRC is holding group runs on some of the challenge courses. This is the perfect way to see these courses I am unfamiliar with as well as get out and run with people at the same time.

This run was at Taughannock Falls. I love this park. I go there to hike and photograph the falls regularly, but I mainly stick to the nice flat gorge trail. The challenge course takes us from the visitor center around and down the rim trail then out and back on the gorge trail and back up the other side to the visitor center again. I can’t say that I have ever run that route. And it turned out to be a very enjoyable route to run.

Some friends and I headed up to Taughannock Falls State Park to meet up for the FLRC group run on the Taughannock challenge course. I had such a good time on this route. And of course I couldn’t run it without shooting a little footage at least. Get some hills in. See some beautiful scenery. Enjoy the trails. Perfect running day.

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