One Photo A Day | Day 343 | Bridge Over Falls

One photo a day challenge: Day 343.

Recently I went for a hike.

And I went out for a very specific reason.

I wanted to scout out an area I wanted to photograph. The reason I was doing this was so I would know how long a hike it would be to get there when I went with heavier equipment.

Well, that day I did not find the location I was looking for. But, I did reveal where I needed to go next time.

I also knew that it would not be a very long hike.

So, today I returned with my regular sized tripod and my DSLR and 18-200mm zoom lens set up that I usually use for landscape photography.

The scene I was looking for is a small stream and waterfall that crosses the Finger Lakes Trail.

This stream and falls is crossed by a man made stone staircase and bridge.

I’ve crossed this area numerous times, but I have never had my camera gear to photograph it the way that I would like to.

Found It

Today I had that chance.

I was excited to get a chance to photograph this location with just a little bit of snow cover as well.

I photographed a lot of different angles and perspectives.

This was my first run through here and I am sure I will be back for more opportunities.

It is hard to tell where the best sightlines are for the small waterfalls etc.

I created a lot of images that I like. This image is one that captures the feel of the location the best.

I also think that this location is one that might work out well to photograph with my mirrorless camera because it is easier to position in a location that doesn’t have a lot of open areas.

Watkins Glen SP: Bridge and Falls

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