One Photo A Day | Day 344 | Steege Hill Trails

One photo a day challenge: Day 344.

There are a lot of places that I visit in order to run most of the time when I am there.

Many of theses places are places that I love and many of them are beautiful.

It always makes me sad that I often do not have nice photographs of these places because I usually am not there with a camera.

I have ben working to correct that oversight.

Making a conscious effort to visit my favorite running places, but for the specific reason of photographing them so I can share these places that I love with others.

Today I visited the Finger Lakes Land Trust site, Steege Hill Nature Preserve.

This is such a nice natural area and it is so close to my home. It is truly a shame that I am not there photographing it more often.

The hiking conditions were quite interesting today.

The weather has been relatively cold. Mostly in the freezing range.

We have a thin layer of snow on the ground in most places. And I am loving that for photography right now.

But the ground is so wet at Steege Hill that the footing for my hike was a strange mix of mud and water and ice.

Frozen water and mud. I don’t know hoe to accurately describe it. But I was definitely glad I wore my hiking boots rather than my light weight shoes that I actually prefer.

Steege Hill: Finger Lakes Land Trust

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