One Photo A Day | Day 324 | Aunt Sarah’s Falls

One photo a day challenge: Day 324.

Today I set out in the morning to photograph some waterfalls. And I set out to do it differently than I normally do.

Normally when I photograph waterfalls my primary setup is my big DSLR on a big tripod. Then maybe I have another camera to capture different angles.

And the main lens I use for waterfalls is an 18-200mm zoom. That gives me all kinds of options for the creative shots I can take.

Today the goal was to challenge myself with something different.

I have really enjoyed the addition of a smaller mirrorless camera to my toolkit. And the primary lens I have been using with the mirrorless camera has been a 20mm prime lens.

I had four locations in mind I wanted to shoot this morning. And I shot each location using only the mirrorless camera with the 20mm prime lens. And I mounted the camera set up on a small Joby tripod.

So the challenge was to create some interesting work at four different locations. Three of which I had photographed before. But I wanted to create some limitations and see if that would trigger the inspiration to make some different art.

I would have to look for interesting angles. And anything I wanted to change would have to be done by physically moving around the scene. No lens to just zoom in. Stand up and walk.

And using the small lens would mean most of the shots would be from a low angle which I really like with this set up, but never do with my regular waterfall set up.

This photo isn’t particularly unique, but I loved the bright colors of the leaves and the way they look in the low angle of view. And I haven’t had the opportunity to photograph many bright autumn leaves so I couldn’t pass up sharing this one.

Also, if you look carefully at the little row of green at the bottom of the waterfall you might be able to see that it is covered in ice. Yes it was literally freezing cold out this morning and the splash of the falls was beginning to freeze up on the surrounding scenery.

Aunt Sarah’s Falls

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