One Photo A Day | Day 316 | Multiple Flower Blossoms

One photo a day challenge: Day 316.

Often when I photograph flowers I try to isolate a single flower blossom. Or even more specific I try to isolate a single part of the flower blossom.

This is especially true when I am photographing flowers at home.

Today I wanted to try something different.

It was the perfect timing so I had to go for it now.

I just happen to have a plant that had multiple blossoms all in bloom at the same time.

All of the blossoms were along close to the same plane.

I wanted to try to get them all into the shot and have them all reasonably in focus.

It isn’t too often that this happens for me with my flowers I am growing in pots at home. Especially since it is now mid fall. Now is the time.

I took my shot.

I used my clean white background for indoor photography. Then I set the lighting. And then I moved the flowers into place and lined up the shot. Shooting with a higher f-stop today for more depth of field.

I cropped the photo to highlight the flower blossoms.

I’m not sure that I nailed it, but I think it came out nicely.

Potted flowers blooming indoors

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