One Phot A Day | Day 242 | Hiking Adventure

One photo a day challenge: Day 242.

I had a fun adventure today.

Today I explored a trail that was new to me.

Last year when I set out to explore some nature areas in Pennsylvania using my newly acquired Purple Lizard maps I learned about even more places I wanted to explore at some point.

I was exploring the Pine Creek Rail Trail when I learned about the Golden Eagle Trail. The Golden Eagle Trail can be accessed from two different points along the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

The Golden Eagle Trail is over 8.5 miles long. I knew I would need a good long time to hike it. I had been meaning to go back ever since learning about it. I just needed to commit to a time to do it.

So now it has been probably almost exactly a year and I finally made it back to hike the trail. I wanted to commit to really hiking it and enjoying it. Enjoying the work. And admiring the beauty of nature.

I didn’t want this adventure to be primarily about taking photos or running as many of my adventures are. So I took relatively few photos. At least few for me. So I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. It was an amazing nature experience for me.

View along the Golden Eagle Trail

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