One Photo A Day | Day 243 | Punchbowl

One photo a day challenge: Day 243.

Today I spent the day photographing different areas along the Finger Lakes Trail.

The Finger Lakes Trail is an amazing and beautiful trail here in upstate, New York.

The are many places I have been fortunate enough to run on the trail. These places are so beautiful. They deserve to be photographed.

I have not had as many opportunities to photograph these places as I would like.

I have been wanting to get back out there with my camera. I want to photograph these great places and share them with all of you.

One place I have been wanting to get back to and create photographs of is The Punchbowl. A small man made lake along the Finger Lakes Trail as it runs through Watkins Glen State Park.

I don’t think this photo does it justice. But maybe it will inspire you to go check it out for yourself. Go explore some nature today.

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