One Photo A Day | Day 233 | Raindrop Isolation

One photo a day challenge: Day 233.

I really enjoy working with water as part of the subject matter. It’s possible to photograph the same thing over and over and the photo is never quite the same because the water always changes.

Flowers after a rainstorm are a great example of that. I have photographed the same flowers repeatedly this year. But after every downpour the pattern of water droplets on the petals is different.

As I was working with the flowers today I had an idea. Can I isolate just a single water droplet on the petal?

So the goal for a series of photos became photographing a single raindrop in isolation. Using a shallow depth of field. Focus on one droplet. Choose an angle where the plain of focus doesn’t include other water drops.

This is made even more challenging by the fact that there were quite a few droplets remaining on the petals.

I love the look of the droplets isolated and the rest of the flower petals completely out of focus almost to the point of being abstract objects.

I am not sure I completely accomplished my goal here. But this is my favorite photograph from the series I shot using this particular flower.

Raindrop Isolation

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