One Photo A Day | Day 232 | In Bloom

One photo a day challenge: Day 232.

I headed outside to photograph some of the nature surrounding our house. I figured I would end up focusing on flowers.

As I began photographing I didn’t really have a plan. Photographing a few flowers here and there randomly.

Walking around the yard to see what was growing.

What was nature up to. Flowers in bloom. And there were a bunch of caterpillars on our Milkweed plants. But not Monarch caterpillars.

Then I remembered. Last time I was out here taking photos the sedum plant I planted in the garden a while back was finally beginning to bloom.

By now it should be in full bloom. It did not disappoint. All the bunches of flowers had most of the blossoms in bloom.

I worked with my light and different angles to create different images. This one is my favorite.

Sedum: Macro

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