One Photo A Day | Day 227 | Bee Balm

One phot a day challenge: Day 227.

So, some of my recent posts have talked about how I acquired some new flowers. And I have been trying to photograph a different flower from that new batch each day. Then share that new photos of the new flower on that day for this blog.

I had been making progress on that. Not every day had featured one of those flowers but several had.

And then I went out and did it again.

I bought several more new flowers. I just can’t help myself. I love buying flowers to photograph for the season.

I also love trying to plant flowers in our yard. I love having flowers that return year after year and add beauty and photography opportunities right here at home.

I also like adding more plant life to our yard that can hopefully help the wildlife such as pollinators. I am always happy to pick out a plant that is favored by bees, or butterflies or hummingbirds.

I ended up with quite a variety. I even picked up two plants that are past their blooming season. But I wanted to have those plants to try and grow in a shady area of our yard where not much of anything grows. These were shade plants that do blossom. I don’t tend to come across many so I took the opportunity to add these to my collection.

Hopefully I can successfully care for them and get them to return next year.

One interesting plant I came home with was this interesting variety of bee balm.

Bee Balm Variety

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