Tanglefoot Trail Run

Today I ran my first 20k trail run, the Tanglefoot 20k. It didn’t actually end up being a complete 20k, however, because many of us managed to get off course and cut off like a mile on our first lap. But anyway, here are some nice photographs from one of my favorite places, Tanglewood Nature Center, where I love to visit, hang out, run and enjoy nature.

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_2

This Trail down the hill is much steeper than it appears in the photo. Do not let your eyes deceive you.

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_3

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_6-2

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_7

Seriously I have to go UP this? That was a steep tough climb on the second lap around.

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_11

Some of the best views around.

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_12

You can see across the valley and out to the river from the bluffs.

Tanglefoot Trail Race_June 18, 2017_14

Then you head down this trail along the cliffs. I love it. Maybe the best part of the whole run.

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3 Comments on “Tanglefoot Trail Run

  1. Great pics, I did the 10k. Been trying to explain some of the views to friends and you helped!!

      • Good I think!? I haven’t seen the results yet, and every trail run is quite different so it’s hard to compare times, this is definitely the most elevated I’ve done. I was soaking sopping drenched ion sweat though. I loved it

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