One Photo A Day | Day 228 | False Sunflower

One photo a day challenge: Day 228.

New flower day. Part I dunno at this point. The new flowers keep multiplying. I have no idea how that happened.

But I still love having an ever changing selection of flowers to photograph.

It is quite gloomy and overcast today. So I thought I would focus on the brightest of the newly arriving flowers.

I trained my lens on this bright yellow False Sunflower. A tall stalk of a plant. Atop the tall rigid stem sits a bright yellow flower blossom. Not nearly the size of a true sunflower, but similar in structure.

Due to the dim lighting conditions from all the clouds I brought out my Lume Cube panel mini light to add a little extra brightness tot he flower.

Currently this plant only has one flower blossom on it. However, there are many small blossoms developing at other points on the plants stem.

I find it really interesting to take a close up look at the structure of a single flower blossom. When you look really close it appears that what is considered one flower blossom is more like hundreds of tiny flower blossoms packed together. One large flower composed of hundreds or thousands of tiny little micro flowers.

Nature is so fascinating like that.

False Sunflower: Macro Photography

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