One Photo A Day | Day 201 | First Coneflower Returns

One phot a day challenge: Day 201.

I am really excited about this photograph. Not because it is some amazing photograph or anything like that. I am excited about what this photograph represents.

This photograph represents trying and failing. And trying again, and again until there is progress and then hopefully success.

If there is something you want to accomplish, there is only one way to make it happen. Keep trying until you get there.

Most of the time success doesn’t happen on the first try. Success happens after repeated attempts and repeated failures.

This isn’t some amazing epic triumph. But I have always wanted to grow coneflowers at my house. They are beautiful and I enjoy them every time see them somewhere.

I wanted to have their beauty to enjoy at home as well. So I tried to plant them. And they failed to return the next year.

This failure repeated multiple times.

This year is the first year that a coneflower that I planted at my house returned the next year.

I am not going to claim that I learned about gardening and developed my gardening skills, but I did try over and over and try to do things slightly differently to see if that made a difference.

Finally the right confluence of events occurred. Finally a return of the promise perennial flowers hold.

This might seem corny, but if there is something you want to achieve no matter how big or how small just keep trying until you get there.

Plant that flower in the earth. Watch it progress through its growth cycle. Then enjoy the beauty of accomplishment in the future.

Coneflower: New York.

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