One Photo A Day | Day 175 | Tiny Creature On Flower

One photo a day challenge: Day 175.

Today I ended up going out to photograph flowers at night.

I knew that daisies had started blooming recently. I thought it might be interesting to photograph a nice bright white daisy against a dark background.

Using a small light outside I illuminated the flowers. I went out into the yard to have a look.

I did find daisies to photograph. And I think I captured the images that I wanted.

I was even rewarded with a little bonus. As I looked at the daisies in our yard trying to decide which ones to photograph. Then I spotted it.

There was this teeny tiny little insect on one of the flowers. I could see his little antennae moving about.

I was able to get in nice and close for this photo because I was using my Nikon 60mm macro lens.

It was really cool to capture this somewhat unexpected photo with a tiny little creature that I don’t even know what it is.

Daisy and friend.

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