A Camping Trip For Brynn

Brynn has been such an active and energetic dog through most of her life. Now she is facing health challenges that are limiting her mobility.

She has loved camping with us. During two different trips she has enjoyed hiking and exploring. She ahs accompanied us as we hiked up mountains.

Now that she can’t get around like she use to it makes us a little sad. But we still wanted to take her on a camping trip. It was just going to be a different kind of camping trip.

Brynn stretched out on what became her blanket at camp.

Brynn loves car rides. We did lots of that. Four hour car ride to and from the campground to begin and end the trip. We took her with us whenever we had to jump in the car to grab something. Forgot some random camping essential. Take Brynn for a car ride. Need fire wood. Take Brynn to get wood. Ice in the cooler is melted. Need more ice. Take Brynn for a car ride.

We even went on a couple of adventures to explore the area. The adventures were primarily by car punctuated with stops here and there to stretch our legs and walk around. Brynn really seemed ot enjoy those excursions.

Brynn curled up in her dog bed at camp. We definitely DID NOT buy her this dog bed just for this camping trip.

The backbone of our trip was the camping. Brynn settled into the camping routine easily. She is a veteran camper after all.

The first couple of days she just liked to sit and relax. She would sprawl out on her blanket or curl up in her dog bed. She relaxed like a champ. Something that even with her physical ailments, she does not really take to well at home.

After she had her fill of rest and relaxation she seemed to discover, that we did indeed bring her dog toys from home to play with. It was quite ammussing to see her just one day decide it was time to play with toys. Even more interesting was her choice of toy. At home she has a favorite toy that she plays with constantly. Currently it is a KONG brand Jumbler if you are familiar with tthe KONG brand line of dog toys. But at camp she was not interested in that toy at all. Instead she chose a different stuffed animal type toy to chew and squeak and play fetch and tug with. She loved that toy at camp and hasn’t touched it since returnig home.

Brynn curled up sleeping at camp.

Brynn really enjoyed time sleeping. She would curl up by us and doze. She would sit and be quiet while we read. All comfy in her blankets.

There wre lots of long nights relaxing by the camp fire and Brynn was right there to soak it up with us.

Once she fell back into her camping routine she even returned to her habit of walking over to the door of the tent and pawing at it to indicate she was ready for bed at night.

Brynn wide eyed and ready to play at camp.

One of the best things about taking one of our dogs camping is getting to have individualized time with them. Having multiple dogs is great, but sometimes I feel like ther eisn’t enough time in the day to give each dog the individual attention they deserve.

Of out current group of dogs, Brynn is our most human centric dog. She more than all the others seeks out our attention. She likes to snuggle. Giving kisses mercilessly. Playing fetch, tug, and wrestling. She is all about her humans so it is nice to be able to give her some quality one on one time.

Brynn watching the sun set.

Most of our time was spent at the campsite. When were were not there, we were most often down at the lake relaxing in the sun. Reading, playing games, snuggling with Brynn or just stretched out in the grass.

We had many great sunsets to watch down by the lake. I was even able to take Brynn down to one section of the lake that was near our campsite to watch the sunset together one night.

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