One Photo A Day | Day 154 | Rain Rain Go Away

One photo a day challenge: Day 154.

I’m not really a big fan of rainy days. I love to be outside. But I have a hard time getting motivated to go outside if its a rainy day.

I think I just like simplicity too much. I don’t like the extra work or preparation that is needed to go outside and enjoy yourself on a rainy day. Being prepared for the rain so I’m not miserable in the rain is not something I can find motivation for.

I have gear so that I can photograph in the rain. I seldom use it.

But after the rain. That is where the true joy and beauty can be found.

I can still find my happy place outside after the storms have passed.

Flowers are beautiful, but maybe never more so than when coated with a fresh layer of rain water. It started raining again as I was taking these photos. Thus ending my photo session for the night.

I really like how the lighting turned out for this photo.

Cosmo after the rain.

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