One Photo A DAy | Day 127 | Now The Trees Have Leaves

One photo a day challenge: Day 127.

Today I returned to a spot I photographed for this project earlier in the year. I wanted to return today because previously the trees had no leaves. Now it is early spring and the leaves are starting to bud on trees.

I really like the more subtle shades of green that are present as a trees leaves are just starting to unfurl.

If I went back and looked I am pretty sure that I would find that this photograph as well as the rest of this series are very similar to the photos that I created the last time I was here. That was intentional. The goal was to create a similar set of images except now with leaves on the trees.

I used the same camera. Same lens. And I used the same camera settings.

I created this photograph with my Sony mirrorless camera. Using the 20mm lens so that I could have a nice wide field of view. The lens was set wide open at f2.8 for maximum light and minimum depth of field.

In what is becoming a real trend for me, once again it was completely cloudy so it was going to be challenging to have sky in the photographs and have any detail in the sky. I would have enjoyed some blue skies.

I like this image because I have the focus on the closest tree trunk on the far right. The rest of the trees curve off to the upper left and become increasingly out of focus thanks to the shallow depth of field. I even like the touch of sky in the upper left corner because it provides adequate contrast tot he tree in the background. It makes the tall branches visible in the background and they stand out with just the right effect.


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