Dog Show | 2021 Hickories Circuit | New York

Dogs are amazing, right? I love dogs. You love dogs. Who doesn’t love dogs.

I literally live a life of dogs. Dogs are a part of my daily life.

I take vacations centered around my dogs. Taking trips to see other dogs.

I get involved with organizations and not for profits that are involved with dogs.

Spanish Water Dog

Dog Shows

I will drive over an hour to see dogs thyat aren’t mine. Dogs that I don’t know. And dogs that I probably will never even touch.

I wil spend hours on end staring transfixed at dogs. Dogs of all different shapes and sizes. As many dog breeds as one can imagine. From tiny to enormous.

Dogs with no hair, short hair, big poofy hair, long hair, or big long dreadlocks of hair.

I love it all. There really aren’t any dogs that are not interesting.

They are especially interesting when it comes to photography.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Hickories Circuit Dog Show

The Hickories Circuit Dog Show is where I discovered that local dog shows were even a thing. That was over ten years ago. We have spent time at this event just about every year since.

It has been fun to see this event change and evolve over the years. From including different types of events at the show. To different locations. And best off all to see the numbers of dogs in attendance grow to expand the number of days the show is held.

When I go to a dog show the only thing I really care about is how adorably cute the dogs are. I just want to find the cute dogs that I want to boop noses with.

But it is also fun to learn about all the different breeds of dogs. Becoming familiar with so many different breed and learning their names and general information about them.

The most fascinating part is seeing new breeds I didn’t even know existed. Looking up information in my program to see what kind of dog is before me.

Those are my favorite photographs to create. It is like discovering something completely new in life. Dogs are dogs, but did you ever realize just how many different breed and varieties of dogs there are?

This weekend I photographed three breeds of dogs that I had not photographed before: Spanish Water Dog, Lagotto Romagnolo, and Pumi.


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