Long Lanky Legs | Borzoi | New York

A Borzoi is a pretty cool looking breed of dog.

Long lanky legs. Thin body. Long Narrow snout.

When looking at a Borzoi head on they seem unusually narrow bodied.

The only aspect that flows against the narrowness of the dogs overall proportions is the dogs fur.

The Borzoi has a nice fluffy coat across its torso. The legs sport tufts of hair flowing off the back of the legs. And the tail of a Borzoi is quite a big plume of fur.

The dogs proportion and look all fit together to make a Borzoi a unique looking dog but one whose body looks like it fits together for a very specific purpose.

Photo details: Nikon D300S. Nikon 300mm f/4. Focal length 420mm. ISO 400. 1/3200 sec. f/5.6.


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