One Photo A Day | Day 121 | Flowers In Low Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 121.

Today I continued with my theme of photographing our flowers.

We went out and bought several new flowers to plant at home. I am always looking for something different. Something that catches my eye. I often like to get plants that I have never had before.

This flower is very different than other flowers I have gotten. I can’t recall ever seeing anything quite like it.

I typically like bright vibrant colors. But this plant presented something very different.

I really like the more subtle colors of this plant. The way the colors shift and shade as you move across the plant. The colors shift from yellow to green to purple.

The colors all seem to have the same level of intensity. Not too bright. Not too dark. It is not a flamboyant plant. But it is a plant that makes an impression.

Today I did not use an artificial light source to illuminate the flower. Today I photographed the flower out over my deck as the sun was setting.

Flower in the evening.

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