One Photo A Day | Day 120 | Night Light

One photo a day challenge: Day 120.

Yesterday I remarked on how I don’t use artificial light sources a lot in my photography. And I talked about houw I decided to work with my Lume Cube lights to photograph flowers during the day yesterday.

Today I decided to take that work to the next logical step.

For today’s photographs I once again went outside to the flowers we have on our porch. I also once again used my Lume Cube lights as light sources.

However, I did two things differently on this photo shoot. Today I used three lights instead of just one. And today I took the photos at night instead of during the day.

Taking the photos at night brought more contrast to the images. There is the brightly light foreground subject. Then there is the bark if not black background outside because it is night.

Strawflower plus light.

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