One Photo A Day | Day 116 | Osprey Nest Building

One photo a day challenge: Day 116.

Today I stopped by one of two local Osprey nests located on the Chemung River in Elmira, New York.

The Osprey have been back in the area for a little while now with the return of spring. I keep hearing reports of them being on their nests. However, I have not yet made my way to see them this spring.

I decided today was a good day to rectify that.

When I arrived one Osprey was on the nest and one was circling overhead. The Osprey that had been in flight flew off. Eventually as I was watching the Osprey on the nest flew off over to the shoreline and perched in a tree there.

As I watched the Osprey across the river from me and looked up and down the river to see what else of interest may be going on the Osprey who had flown off returned with nesting materials and delivered them to the nest.

I wasn’t able to capture a very close up image but I like the look of the forest completely filling the background. This shows what type of environment the Osprey are living in.

Chemung River Osprey with nest materials.

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