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One photo a day challenge: Day 115.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. It was a great day for getting outside. The day was a perfect representation of what you want in early spring.

If you are like me one thing early spring means to me is blooming flowers. Plants and nature coming back to life and growing after the winter thaw.

I love plants and flowers. They are amazing in so many ways. Plants and flowers also make great photography subjects.

I enjoy traveling places and taking time to photograph both local wildflowers and plants as well as photographing gardens. But I also enjoy photographing flowers right at home.

Since yesterday was such a great day and the weather forecast seemed to be looking up we thought it was a perfect time to buy some. We found, lets say a few, plants that we liked and brought them home.

Today we planted them. Then I checked the weather forecast and it turns out it may be at or below freezing the next two nights. So I am hoping to all the flowers we just planted do not die.

Since it seemed a real possibility that all the flowers might be killed by frost I decided I better get out there and photograph them. And this is why photography is amazing. With photography you can capture a fleeting moment so you can remember it forever. For today that fleeting moment might be the beauty of the flowers we just planted.

Champion Pink Bellflower.

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