One Photo A Day | Day 92 | Trail Run Photos

One photo a day challenge: Day 92.

Today I did something a little bit different with my one photo a day challenge. So far the challenge has focused on using my DSLR and Mirrorless cameras to create photography. Today I wanted to expand that to use my other tools I use to create photography.

Today I went out on what turned out to be a 17 mile trail run with a friend. Why it ended up being a 17 mile run is a whole different story. The part that is relevant to this post is that one thing I love to do is create photography while I am out running. One way that I do that is using a GoPro camera.

Most people use a GoPro for video creation. I love to shoot time lapse photography with my GoPro. I like to create time laps footage but I also like to be able to select out one image from the group that I like and share individual images.

Today we visited the Green Monster trail system near Wellsboro, PA. I wore my GoPro mounted on my head which is different than what I have done most of the time in the past.

The scenery was beautiful even if it was cold and a little tricky to navigate the running aspects in the snow. The photos are mostly beautiful, but not perfect because I somehow got a smudge on my camera lens and didn’t notice so all the photos have a little smudginess and softness to them in spots.

But I had a great time out on the trails running and creating images. And that is what is important to me. Getting out in nature. Creating photography.

I hope you enjoy this one image I will share now. There will be more to come from this session when I create the time lapse video.

Somewhere on Some Trail. PA.

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