One Photo A Day | Day 91 | Spring Snowstorm

One photo a day challenge: Day 91.

We have been experiencing beautiful early spring weather here in my region of upstate, New York. Then this overnight snowstorm swept through the area.

At this point I am pretty much ready to be done with snow. But snow can make for beautiful photography subjects.

If there had to be a storm the timing of this one was very fortunate for me. Today was the first day of my week that I am working form home. That means no hour commute for me.

The freedom from the commute has the opportunity to release some great creative potential. It freed me up to get outside as the sun was rising. Observe the majestic snow covered trees of our area. Enjoy some early morning time outside relaxing and creating.

Normally this is not something I get to experience the day after a snowstorm unless it happens to occur on a weekend. Normally I am forced to be on the go early in the morning to commute to work. This means by the time I get home and can have a chance for some photography the fresh snow that tends to stick to the trees has fallen and things may have already begun to melt.

I am so happy and grateful to have had this opportunity this morning. I hope you enjoy this one quick photo I am sharing today even if you are like me and really ready for spring to swing into full bloom.

Spring Snowstorm.

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