One Photo A Day | Day 57 | The View From Roundtop

One photo a day challenge: Day 57.

Today I actually did one of the things I have been wanting to do much more of, but have actually done almost none of.

Today I went for a run. And on that run I carried my camera with me. During the run I stopped and took photographs and enjoyed the scenery.

I recently invested in gear I wanted to use specifically for the purpose of being able to take more photos while I was literally on the run. And today I finally made good on that intent.

I have been making use of the gear. And it has been great. But I had not been using it for the very specific reason I acquired it.

It feels so good to turn intention into action. If you have intentions that you have not yet acted on now is the time to take action. Turn those thoughts and ideas into reality.

The View From Roundtop.

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