One Photo A Day | Day 58 | Keuka Lake

One photo a day challenge: Day 58.

Today was a day like I haven’t had many of this winter. My wife and I got out of the house and spent most of the day outside enjoying some nature. We were able to visit two of New York’s Finger Lakes.

The weather was supposed to be unseasonably warm. Thawing our region out of the deep freeze of ice and snow packed tightly across the landscape.

The hard thick ice and snow covering much of our region for most of the winter has really had me feeling stuck in the house this year.

The warm up and rapid defrost made getting out and just enjoying nature much more feasible today.

Keauka Lake State Park

We visited Keuka Lake at two different southern shores in the Hammondsport area. Then rain moved in. So we drove north west to the north end of Canandaigua Lake seeking better weather.

Up on Canandaigua Lake the weather was nicer. No rain but the wind was gusting. Eventually the sun came out and it felt warm when the wind wasn’t blasting us. Watching the ice break up along the shore was really cool.

Then we headed back south east to the northern area of Keuka Lake. We made our way down to the lakefront at Keuka Lake State Park. The sun was bright. But the wind was still blustery. Generating some nice waves along the shore.

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